4 Amp 8 Stage Battery Charger

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Perfect for small, low amp recreational and agricultural vehicles, this automatic battery charger is a sophisticated water resistant 8 stage charger, designed to charge most 12V Gel, AGM, Lead Acid and Calcium batteries. Suitable for 6-70Ah and 100Ah for maintenance (50 to 200CCA), it features pulse mode technology that reduces oxidation, maintains electrolyte consistency and combats stratification in the battery, equating to longer battery life.


Input Voltage  240VAC / 50HZ
Type 8 Stage Pulse
Approval CE, EMC, SAA and C-TICK
Safety Protection Over Charging, Reverse Polarity (flashing LED), Short Circuit and Over Temperature
Minimum Start Voltage >0 Volts
Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C
Maximum Charging Current 4 Amps
Ideally Suited Battery Ratings 60-70Ah                                                                                   50-200CCA




Charging Stages 14.3 Volts 14.8 Volts 15.6 Volts
Boost 14.8 Volts 15.2 Volts 16.2 Volts
Float 13.3 Volts 13.7 Volts 13.7 Volts